Eric Mills is a native of Gary, Indiana. He was called at an early age to ministry in which he conceived his purpose and passion in reconstructing, realigning, and with the assistance of Christ, restoring unity in marriage through sound counsel. Mills acquires a Bachelor's Degree in Theology and too is a licensed, ordained minister where he can perform marriages. Mills has accomplished a plethora of goals where he is an inventive author of two books entitled, "20 Things Every Man Needs From His Woman", and "20 Things Every Woman Needs From Her Man", tailored specifically for couples. Mills is the founder and CEO of EM Counseling Solutions where the focus is on Pre and Post marital counseling, however individual counsel is endowed. Mills has been equipped for counseling over twenty years and now resides in California where he has a successful marriage to his sweetheart, Tonnie Mills; However, no matter where he populates, his purpose, his passion and his aide to produce prosperous marriages never changes. 

Eric & Tonnie Mills




- Marriage Counseling

- Pre- Marital Counseling

- One on One Marital Counseling



1 HOUR SESSION    -   $100.00

1.5 HOUR SESSION -   $150.00

You will receive a one-time 'free10 minute' pre-counseling session to determine next steps.

Consultation Purpose: 

  • For the Client: To obtain a better understanding of whom they're booking with.

  • For the Counselor: To obtain a better understanding of what needs to be addressed.


* There is a $25.00 referral fee for referring potential clients after they book their first session.


-California USA